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06/28/99 Lagitus disbands
This web site will remain as a monument to the great thing Lagitus was. The About page remains, which was written when the Clan was 1 year old back in 1997. The Membership page remains just as it was, although we really aren't taking apps anymore. (duh) The Philosphy page sticks around too, as a reminder what this clan was really about. And finally the Member List shows the Lags that made it to the end. Some of those guys have been with us since 1996. Their emails remain listed if you need to get in touch with any of them.

Lagitus once claimed the title of the world's largest clan with over 200 members, every one a modem player. The original requirements to get in the clan were simple. You had to play on a modem, and all you had to do was ask nicely and you were in the clan. Eventually our requirements shifted to maturity and good sportsmanship... some people got kicked out and some left before we had the chance to kick them. Then we had to actually have a membership app, designed to weed out the idiots. Heh, this app remains on display on the Membership page. It's a classic. At one point we were getting up to 10 apps a day, with most getting rejected. To this day we've had about 800 applications.

Eventually we got down to the last and final members, which are some of the coolest, most mature and most fun guys around. As the years went by, the interest level went down. No game ever matched the quality and playability of Quakeworld, not even close. Meanwhile the diversification of many new multiplayer games divided the clan further. Seems like everyone had their favorite. QW, QWRA, QWTF, Q2DM, Q2CTF, Q2RA, Sin, Half-life, Heretic 2, TFC, Tribes ... it goes on and on. That's just the 3D shooters. We had members getting involved in RPGs and other types of games. Even a huge clan can be drasticly divided by it's choice of games. Here's a word to the wise: Focus. A clan should play only one game or risk being divied into non-existence. We learned this the hard way.

I, Zaphoid, was a crappy leader. I admit that and I appologize to any members, current or former, that I may have pissed off over the years. In the early days I had to make a lot of decisions about the direction of Lagitus, some good and some bad. In the recent days, I did not do nearly enough to keep the clan around. The fact is, I never really wanted to be a leader, it just kind of happened. Near the end, with Real Life (got married, got promoted) getting in the way, and the low interest level among members, I knew it was time to disband.

When Q3A comes out, If it proves to have the same excitement and playability as Quakeworld, some of us may seek membership in another clan if we can find one mature and cool enough to suit us. Most of us could not bear to be in a clan full of teenagers with big skill egos and bad ass attitudes to match. Will some of us Lags get together again sometime? Who knows. I won't be a leader anymore, I've had my share of that. But something could happen, We'll wait and see.

When I'm 90 years old, I'll be telling my great grandchildren about the beginnings of online gaming, and the great friends I had online. We've had some great times. We'll remember being in Lagitus. It was something special.

Signing off,
John 'Zaphoid' Krutke

ps. I'll leave you with some interesting graphical bits of our history. This may take a while to load.

- - - - - - "Classic News" - - - - - -

Our quakeworld skin

This skin had the cool ability to use color settings, making our divisions easy to tell apart while still making us all look like Lags. Note the Green Bay Packer colors. :)

The Largest clan match in the world

We had a sort of alliance with "In Praise of Ammo". Can you even imagine a game this big? It was like a war of the worlds. Ammo had quite a few LPBs on their side, but we didn't care. We all just fragged the hell out of each other the best we could and had a blast.

A few dudes

One of the very few times I actually got to meet some Lags. We did some Q2 over the Harley Davidson LAN, and I nearly got my digital camera confiscated at the security desk.

Heh. Applicants.

Just an itsy bitsy taste of what myself and the short lived "recruit council" had to put up with.

We had these "BFFFA" games - Big Fucking Free For All!

We had a LOT of these, this is just a few.

Division Wars!

At one time we were big enough to have a whole load of divisions, and we often would fight each other just for the fun of it. Lets see, here we had Gang Green, Anime Otaku, DC, Rocket Lags and some independents. At our largest size, we had fifteen divisions.

Cult Lagitus?

Before Unreal came out, we considered forming a "cult" division. This was our symbol for it. Of course, Unreal sucked so hard when it was released, that idea got canned fast.

Our dead glow in the dark

Our Quakeworld skin had a special feature - even in pitch black, our symbol on our backs glowed. Of course, we never run from a fight so this was not a visibility problem in battles. Sure as hell looked cool though.

Lag Party!

Holy shit. I think these pictures say it all. Ever get 20 teammate in one room? Huge ping and 1 frame per second. Heh.

Our first attempt at "Kicking LPB Ass" (TM)

This was our very first organized match back in '96. So we didn't quite kick the LPB ass like our slogan said we would, but the Ruthless Bastards were some seriously cool guys. This was Quake 1, version 1.06.

Gang Green group photo

I personally played a lot of games with these guys when I was in that division. It was a great time. Sometimes too many of us tried to pile into a server... ORGY!

Spank the LPB!

We had the coolest game going for a while: the "Spank the LPB" contest. Hunt down a server full of LPBs, procede to beat the shit out of them, take a screenshot and hang it in the gallery. We had about 50 of these in our collection.

How do you rank?

When quakeworld first came out it had a world wide ranking system built in. Here's a few of us trying it out for the first time. Note the zero rank. :) We played a lot, and eventually, some of us had ranks around 5000 and some were around the -2000 range. The 5000 guys would enter a server and it would clear out - "Holy shit this guy's going to kick our ass!" and the negative rank guys would enter - "wOOOO free target practice."

The member's page... hidden secrets?

The members page was were we placed internal clan news. I had this tendency of hiding secrets all over my web pages. I think it was Gargoyle who actually figured out what the squiggly lines under the symbol meant. It was an alien true type font or something, but I've long since forgot what it said. :)

Big Stack O' Lags
click for big-ass full size image You gotta love it when this kind of thing happens on a server. Right before a BFFFFFA, (big free floating fucking free for all) on E1M8 Zigurat Vertigo, some of us got stacked. Since Lockness gets 40 frames per second at 1024x768 he had no problem sparing one of those frames for us. Click the image for a full size 1024x768 Riva TNT screenshot.

Clan Lagitus Rocks Your Ass!

Download the Lagitus Winamp Skin
Some of us were crazy about MP3 music... this shows just how crazy we loved it... enough to make our own graphics for Winamp.

Welcome to
We were once hosted by Stomped, although Stomped began to suck with their advertising requirements so we nabbed the domain. This web site is now completely 100% advertisement free. w00p! And now, a word from our sponsor. Er wait, we don't have a sponsor! muahaha. Seriously, being hosted on Stomped is nice, but having 3 ads caked on a clan page is not. On some pages, advertisements fit in, but not clan pages. So here we are.
- Zaphoid

Our primary Q2 skin is done

Expect to see this and our division skins in the next Quake 2 skin pack.

The Lagitus Rocket Protector - From Gargoyle

The beautiful and lovely Cindy (who I am now married to) models the Lagitus line of clothing created by Gargoyle.

We may be lagged, but there's a lot of us...